Layla Rose Locklear: 2011 UNCP Community Impact Student Award Recipient

Congratulations to Layla Rose Locklear for her selection as 2011 UNCP Community Impact Student.

Full-time students at UNCP must be nominated for this award; graduate students were ineligible. The award recognizes students that demonstrate the following:

  • An innovative approach to starting or enhancing campus efforts to address community issues and needs
  • Diverse forms of engagement such as service, service-learning, policy work, advocacy, community building, leadership positions, internships, etc.
  • Clear demonstration of leadership skills and the ability to lead and inspire other students and/or members of the community
  • Proof of sustainability through efforts to build their work into the institution’s structure
  • Tangible evidence of impact on campus and/or community (i.e. amount of money raised, amount of in-kind donations, number of residents in community who benefited by this project, number of student volunteers recruited, etc.)

What The Winner Receives

  • The student award winner will be recognized at the North Carolina Campus Compact Student Conference at Wake Forest University on Saturday, November 12th.  North Carolina Campus Compact cooperates with 42 colleges and universities throughout the state to engage students in service.
  • The recipient will receive a $200 book scholarship sponsored by the CCE office and a gift item sponsored by the UNCP Bookstore.

About Layla
Layla lead an initiative to inspire and promote community service among Native American youth. She worked directly with the Boys and Girls Club with the Lumbee Tribe to educate, advocate and mentor youth in areas of civic engagement and community service. She served as a spokesperson on Native America youth issues to tribal officials, church and community leaders, and other youth advocates. As a summer intern, she collaborated with offices for Multicultural and Minority Affairs throughout the UNC system to network for new cross-cultural ideas. The networking experience helped her to expand her knowledge to better serve multicultural and diverse student populations. She exemplified community passion and inspired local youth to realize their greater potential to give back in their communities as responsible citizens to the tribal community and adjoining neighbors.  Layla has demonstrated exemplary student servant-leadership through her mentoring, advocacy, hard-work and engaged citizenship. Layla is a Sophomore at UNC Pembroke pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in American Indian Studies. She is also a Robeson County native and citizen of the Pembroke community.

Join CCE in congratulating Layla for her hard work and dedicated service.


We provide opportunities for college students to recognize their civic potential and take initiative to develop it. Students enrich and enhance their education experience through active, engaged service.

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