Announcing: MLK Site Leaders!

Greetings everyone!

If you have visited our blog recently, you have seen The Office for Community & Civic Engagement (CCE) preparing to host our 4th Annual MLK Service Challenge. CCE is arranging exciting service projects and wonderful surprises for everyone who participates.

I just wanted to write a short post to inform our community about some truly inspiring students (and staff!) at UNC-Pembroke. These proud Site Leaders have taken on extra responsibility for the MLK Service Challenge by committing to:

– Ensure volunteers have a great experience while volunteering
– Assist in the advertising and promotion of the MLK Service Challenge through 40 classroom presentations
– Be trained in group facilitation and volunteer management
– Orient volunteers during the MLK Service Challenge Ceremony on January 16th

Well, who are these Braves?

FRESHMAN: Jessica Collier, Christian Truesdale, Moe Gazali, Tevin Pridgen, Brandon Watkins, and Edward Bell
SOPHOMORE: Dorianna Curry, Katie Kearns, Jamieson Griffin, and Michael Bradley
JUNIOR: Ashley Lowery, Jennifer Cousart, Dominic Dunn, and Jessica Stancil
SENIOR: Keara Robinson, Rebecca Womack, and Ian Davis
UNCP STAFF: Christy Oxendine

Join us in thanking these people for serving their campus and community.

We are preparing for success!


We provide opportunities for college students to recognize their civic potential and take initiative to develop it. Students enrich and enhance their education experience through active, engaged service.

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