James McDougald, local entrepreneur and former NFL Player, will keynote MLK Ceremony Jan. 16th at UNC-Pembroke

In less than two weeks, The Office for Community and Civic Engagement will host the 4th Annual MLK Day Service Challenge. It will be an exciting time with hundreds of people coming to reflect on their leadership in the community and learn about Martin Luther King Jr.

If you are a regular blog visitor, you already know that we will have a brief ceremony on January 16th 2012 which will be followed by service projects throughout the area. The previous post identified the places we will impact this year.

This post announces our keynote speaker for the ceremony. His name is James McDougald.

James graciously accepted the invitation to address the excited crowd the morning of the 16th. It is our pleasure to introduce him to you all. Mr. McDougald was born in Maxton, NC which is about 15 minutes from Pembroke. As a graduate of Maxton High School (1976), James went on an Athletic Scholarship for football to Wake Forest University where he earned a BA Degree in Education. Shortly thereafter, James played in the NFL with Atlanta Falcons. Sorry Panthers fans. 🙂

Currently, James serves on Maxton Town Council as the Ecomonic Development Chairmanm, is co-owner of the Maxton Times Newspaper, serves as a member of the Robeson Church and Community Board, and is married with 2 sons.

You don’t want to miss the words of James McDougald on Janurary 16th. Sign-ins to volunteer begin at 8:30am. The ceremony will start at 9:00am in the University Center.

Live the dream. Make it a day on, not a day off.


We provide opportunities for college students to recognize their civic potential and take initiative to develop it. Students enrich and enhance their education experience through active, engaged service.

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