Loving to Serve Week

By: Ashley Lowery

The week of February 13-17, 2012, was a week of loving. Not only was Valentines on February 14 it was also a week that the Office of Community & Civic Engagement showed others how to love through community service.

They encouraged others to show their love of community service through various opportunities such as a clothes and personal item donation throughout the whole week that would be donated the Pembroke Housing Authority clothing bank. Making of safe sex kits and group therapy talk was hosted by two student groups called ACE and AWARE in the UC Annex on Thursday. Distributing of the safe sex kits was on Friday throughout the local housing areas such as Strickland Heights, Maynor Mayor, Chavis Park, & Locklear’s Court. A group of students went out into these areas and passed out the safe sex kits. The whole week was successful and a lot of good deeds were performed. You can still donate for the clothes and personal item donation and still look out for more events to come.

For more information, email Ashley Lowery at anl016@bravemail.uncp.edu


We provide opportunities for college students to recognize their civic potential and take initiative to develop it. Students enrich and enhance their education experience through active, engaged service.

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